Out of this World Dining Experiences in Bismark, North Dakota


While in Bismark North Dakota, we ate at a few restaurants that were out of this world! I will start with the one that was our favorite – Space Aliens Grill & Bar, where Earthlings are welcome. We walked in and immediately felt like we were in a different galaxy. The décor features a 30-foot-high domed ceiling that displays a view of outer space. A force field of alien sculptures in the dining room, bar and arcade, showcase a variety of extraterrestrial settings and distinct personalities, encouraging each earthling to relax and enjoy the moment. It was a great atmosphere, lol.usatspacealiens Gene had the Bar-B-Que ribs which he really enjoyed a lot. I was going to try a steak but ended up trying the Whiskey Bourbon Chicken. It sounded good and tasted even better! It was definitely the best meal I had our whole trip to North and South Dakota. I am disappointed that they don’t have one closer to the Denver area. They are only in North Dakota, and Minnesota. Maybe someday they will venture down this way.

safoodAfter we ate, we walked around and stopped in the bar for a bit. It is really a cute little restaurant, and the staff was very friendly. I even talked to the manger and told him how much we enjoyed our visit, and that as Earthlings, we felt very welcomed, lol. I will definitely go again if we are back in Bismark one day.



soupThe first night we were in Bismark we ended up here and had a very nice surprise. They have a lot of German items on the menu, including their Fleischuechle.  I wasn’t really in the mood for German food that night, but Gene enjoyed the Fleischuechle and the Knoephia soup. He  seemed to really enjoy both. I was feeling breakfast and had the bacon and eggs which were extremely good. Sadly we didn’t make it back there before we left, but I have to say we enjoyed or meal and our server was very nice and answered a few questions about the local area, including how to get to the Bismark State Capitol which was on the agenda for the next day. We would love to go back the next time we are in the area.


whhamburgerWe had lunch here one day and it was pretty good. I am not a huge fan of thick burgers,   and theirs were thick. Gene liked his a lot though. He likes them like that and was very happy that he was able to get onion rings too. We both liked that fact that it was a non-chain burger place. We really like to try those independent places when we can. Even though I didn’t have an an out of this world experience, I would still recommend this place. Next time I might try something else. I am disappointed that we didn’t try a shake. They looked phenomenal.  Next time  🙂 We weren’t in Bismark very long, but we had a nice time enjoying a few new restaurants and some of the activities in the area.  Definitely check these out when you are in the area.


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