Around the World in a Day with Coca-Cola – Atlanta, GA

A Coke and a Smile was playing constantly through my mind while exploring the World of Coca-Cola in Atlanta, Georgia. It was a wonderful place to escape on a hot June day. The unlimited drinks at the Taste It Sampling Bar also helped. Gene and I were in the Atlanta area and spent part of the day with some friends that live in the area. We had a great time, and their kids really seemed to enjoy themselves too. Let me tell you a little bit about our visit and the World of Coca-Cola

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Our 8 Glorious Days on the Island of Oahu – Pt 1

turtle bay 2Aloha. I am Roxanne and I was asked by my sister Samantha over at Our Traveling Blog to write a bit about my recent visit to Oahu Hawaii. To be perfectly honest, when she first asked me I thought how in the world could I come up with a few paragraphs about my vacation to Hawaii? Obviously, I had never been to Hawaii. Now having been there and experienced the true beauty of the island of Oahu, and learning just a little bit about the natives of Hawaii and how they live and the pride they hold for their beautiful state, has left me in awe. Continue reading “Our 8 Glorious Days on the Island of Oahu – Pt 1”

Manhattan Bridges Spanning the East River

Brooklyn Bridge 1I love all the crime scene dramas set in New York City such as Castle, Law and Order, Blue Bloods, Elementary, and Person of Interest. I have been going through summer hiatus withdrawals and currently watching re-runs of Blue Bloods. I am always fascinated with the various New York Bridges during their opening theme song and started wondering which bridges they were. Thus, I decided to do some research and find out which bridges we want to see while in New York in October. Continue reading “Manhattan Bridges Spanning the East River”

Bruneau Dunes State Park, Idaho – The Land of Sand

Bruneau Dunes State ParkWhile in Idaho to see the state capitol and spend time in Twin Falls, we visited the Bruneau Dunes State Park. It is a 5 mile loop trail located near Bruneau, Idaho. The park is about halfway between Boise and Twin Falls. Thus it was a perfect place to take a driving break on our way from the capitol to Shoshone Falls. Continue reading “Bruneau Dunes State Park, Idaho – The Land of Sand”

Baggage Rules and Fees of Top 4 US Carriers

luggageWhile doing research for my Airline Flight Delays and Cancellationss post, I came across a lot of references to baggage and baggage fees, thus I decided to do more research and gather info for the same four U.S. carriers: American, Delta, Southwest, and United.  Of course, check with your carrier, as these rules and fees can change without notice.  (do I sound like an announcer, lol?) Here is what I found. Continue reading “Baggage Rules and Fees of Top 4 US Carriers”

St. Louis Gateway Arch – Gateway to the West

Gateway ArchIf you’ve ever been to St. Louis, most likely you’ve been to the beautiful Gateway Arch and Jefferson National Expansion Memorial. It was definitely on our to-do list the first time we were in Missouri. We took the 630-foot ride to the top of this world-famous stainless steel monument and saw the most amazing views of the city. Continue reading “St. Louis Gateway Arch – Gateway to the West”

6 Things to do on Labor Day in LA 2015


Last week I posted the article 7 Things to do on Labor Day in Denver, CO. Since then I had a couple of my California friends ask “What about Labor Day in LA?” With that in mind, I decided to find out what events and activities the City of Angels will be doing over Labor day weekend. Here are the top 6 things to do around LA. Continue reading “6 Things to do on Labor Day in LA 2015”

7 Things to do on Labor Day in Denver, CO 2015

DenverKids are going back to school so that must mean summer is over right? Well it use to be. Whatever happened to being off between Memorial Day and Labor day? Whatever the reason, most kids will be back in school before the long holiday weekend of Labor Day (usually the last big hurray before school started).  It made me start thinking about Labor Day and what activities people can do it they aren’t traveling due to school or work schedules. Here are 7 fun and exciting this to do if you are spending Labor Day in Denver. Continue reading “7 Things to do on Labor Day in Denver, CO 2015”

Airline Flight Delays and Cancellations

Denver AirportDenver International Airport

A couple of weeks ago we got an email from American Airlines that they had made minor changes to an upcoming flight (I guess a 6 hour difference is minor to them). I honestly don’t know how they are still in business. We have two first class tickets to NYC in October and they just discontinued our route home. Continue reading “Airline Flight Delays and Cancellations”

Oriole Park at Camden Yards – Baltimore, MD

OriolesA few weeks ago I did a post about Angels Stadium and the Anaheim Angels. In that post I stated I was going to do a post about some of the other ballparks I have been to and talk about the home team. This weekend the Angels played the Baltimore Orioles, thus I decided to share my visit to their home park called Oriole Park of Camden Yards. On a side note, the Angels took the series!!! (sorry Orioles fans) Continue reading “Oriole Park at Camden Yards – Baltimore, MD”