Try These Amazing Pizza Joints in the North Metro Denver Area

ipieipie crewI recently did a post abut Mongolian Grill restaurants and had a great time trying different places. Thus I decided to do a post on our favorite pizza places in the North Denver Metro area.  I am going to start with my favorite lunch time place, Infinitus Pie (aka I-Pie) in Bloomfield.

ipie - mineI love this place and the owner and employees are great. I walk in and Emily, Claudia, Aaron and anyone else there greets me like Norm from Cheers, lol. Pizza Pete and Katie (owners) also greet me and thank me for coming in. I often get the same pie, but they have many choices from the type of crust, to toppings, veggies, and cheese’s.

ipie bftfFor the crust, you start with a choice of regular, thin and crispy, thick n chewy, pan or even gluten free. Your choices for sauces include   Red , Pesto, Garlic White, Barbecue, Hot Barbecue, Loki, Alfredo, Ranch, Green Chili, Hot Wing or Teriyaki. Have tried several and they are all tasty. Besides a wide range of veggies, you top if off with the following choice of cheeses Mozzarella, Cream Cheese, Feta, Cheddar, or Gorgonzola.

ipie trainwreckIf you don’t want to have to make a decision they have several specialties pies named after the owners and their families.  however, they also have one called the Train Wreck (above) which is Gene’s favorite. I usually get the same thing almost every time, and enjoy it immensely. Never had a bad meal here. I highly suggest checking them out when you are in the area.

Franks Place

The second place we tried was Franks Place N.Y Style Pizza in Thornton. It is a smaller place that mostly does carry out and deliveries. However, they do have a few tables so we decided to sit and enjoy our pie. I like New York style pizza better than Chicago style and was looking forward to trying a slice.

franks pizzaThey also have a build your own option but I liked some of their Classic Combination Pizza such as:  Big Apple –  Statue of Liberty – Pepperoni, Sausage,   cheese Empire State Building –   Bronx Zoo –   Manhattan – and   Times Square. We went with the Statue of Liberty which is basically a 4 meat pizza. It was very good and very big. We didn’t mind as we enjoyed the fact of having left overs the next day 🙂  I liked it very much, but the crust wasn’t quite as thin as I was expecting for a New  York Style pizza. However, it was really flavorful and definitely not a crust that I left on my plate, lol.

franks sliceOur server was very friendly and kept our sodas filled. While we were sitting there the owner Frank and his brother Gene came back from a delivery and asked how our pizza tasted.   We told them great and we’d be back.


Another place we really enjoyed a lot was Double D’s Sourdough Pizza in Westminster. When we walked in the first thing we noticed was the bar and two pianos. They have dueling pianos! So cool.  Before we even ordered I asked our server what time they started and she said about 8:30. We decided to stick around and check them out. In the mean time we ordered a beer and looked at their menu.

dd_pizza1I love all the different names restaurants come up with for their pizzas, and this place was no different. They have: A Whole Lotta Veg,  WoWee Maui , The Wrangler, D-D-Q, Creamy Chicken Zucchini “The CCZ”, Loaded Baked Potato, Mac-N-Za, Molto Di CarneThe MaggieDouble D PepperoniPesto Presto, Gimme the Greek and Palate Pleaser.  I am sort of boring and mostly like meat on my pizza, thus we ordered a Molto Di Carne.

dd_pianosI had any early lunch that day, and it was late, so it looked mouthwatering when it arrived. I took a few quick pictures and we dove in. It was as delicious as it looked. We were just finishing up when the band started, so we ordered another beer and enjoyed the show. It is an all-request, live, interactive dance and sing along show. The best part, there’s no cover charge to get in! We were glad that we got there early and got a table before everyone started coming in. The guys playing the pianos were great and we had a blast.Can’t wait to go back.


santeramos_headerThe last place we went was Santeramos Pizza in Arvada. We had been here a few times before, but it had been quite a while. They do have a lot more than just pizza. They have chicken parmigiana, spaghetti, meatball casserole, ravioli, as well as calzones. If you are in the mood for a sandwich, they have a sausage, meatball, chicken or poor boy as your choices. They also have appetizers and salads. If you are there during lunch, you can also take advantage of one of their lunch specials.

santeramos pizza1Gene was sick of all the pizza and ordered the spaghetti and said it was very good. I ordered a simple pepperoni pizza, but they also have a lot of specialty pizza’s. My pizza was good but they were a little busy and it seemed to take a while to get our order.  In defense, it was a Saturday night and there was a football game on the tv. I have enjoyed this place very much in the past, and I know Abraham (the owner) from doing a couple birthday parties and an end of season bowling party there.  We will be back for sure. santeramos spaghettiSo there you have it. 4 of our favorite pizza restaurants in the North Denver Metro area. I hope you enjoyed this post and decide to try a few if you are in the area. If you do, please let me know what you think.



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