Thoughts after 6 Months of Blogging & My 6 Top Posts

6_monthsFirst of all, a HUGE thank you to all of my readers. I appreciate you more than you know. You have kept me going with your comments and suggestions. It has been a fun but busy 6 months and I look forward to what the next 6 months will bring. For those bloggers out there reading my posts, you know what I mean. When I first started this blog I thought I would be able to just write an article, post it on my blog and maybe share it on Facebook and Twitter once in a while. I quickly realized that I had a lot to learn. I also didn’t realize how much of a time commitment it would be.


Granted I love it, but sometimes I feel like I have two full time jobs, or back to school. It has been a lot of early mornings before work and late nights after work. However, I am pleased to say that after 6 months my blog is growing slowly, but a little more each week. I am pleased with the amount of progress I have made thus far, but look forward to what the future holds. I have read a lot and find out that many bloggers give up after a month or two, so I guess I am ahead of the game there 🙂

sisterhoodIt is a lot of work sometimes, and I may get frustrated when a certain post doesn’t get the attention I thought it would, but then I get a nice comment from a reader, or an email from someone asking me if I’d like to do a guest post. It fuels me and keeps me going. Thank you for all those comments, please keep them coming 🙂 I was also happy to be nominated for the Sisterhood of the World Blogger Award. It was nice to be nominated within my first 6 months of blogging, and even  more  fun to nominate other bloggers. It helped keep me focused and grounded. With that said, here are my Top  6 Posts since I have started Blogging:

#6  – Our 8 Glorious Days on the Island of Oahu – Pt 1 

Turtle Bay 1This post was actually a guest post written by my sister after visiting Oahu with her husband during their 25th wedding anniversary.  They had a great time and look forward to going back someday.

#5 – Anheuser – Busch Brewery Lights in St. Louis and Fort Collins

SL BiergartenThis is an amazing annual family event in St. Louis that is being celebrated for the first time at the location in Fort Collins. Looking forward to checking it out this year. Will let you know how it goes, but with food and some free beer, how can you go wrong?  🙂

#4 – 6 Things to do on Labor Day in LA 2015

PigsPeople have seemed to like this post  even long after Labor Day.  I haven’t been in LA for a few years, but always enjoyed going to the LA Country Fair and it sounds like it was a fun event again this year.

#3 – Anderson Farms – A Colorado Fall Tradition

Anderson FarmsS

This is another annual event that many here in Colorado flock to every year. We even had a company picnic there once. It is a great place to visit especially during Halloween. Definitely need to check out their corn maze.

#2 – Four Unique Restaurants in Rapid City, South Dakota

pizzaI was a little apprehensive about this post. It was one of my first full restaurant posts, but I was pleasantly surprised at the response. We will be back to Rapid City one day and look forward to visiting the restaurants again in the future.

#1 – Drum Roll Please ………..

Horrible Experience as “First Class” Passengers on American Airlines.

AA PlanesWe flew first class on American Airlines in October and we were treated horribly. Our 5 hour flight from Newark to Denver took us 24 hours with an unexpected overnight stay in Dallas.  We had no clothes, no toiletries, and no apologies. It was pathetic and we will never fly American unless it is an emergency situation.  PLEASE AVOID if possible.BlogAgain, it has been a great first 6 months and I look forward to traveling more and sharing more. I said thank you to my readers earlier, but I also wanted to say thank you to those of you who encouraged me to even start the blog and share our travels. All the  Facebook shares and retweets on Twitter are also greatly appreciated.  In your debt, Samantha

writingEven though the following posts didn’t make the top 6, they were also well received and deserve honorable mention.


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