Explore Beautiful Stanley Park in Vancouver, Canada

Stanley Park - SignOne of the top few things I wanted to do in Vancouver was visit Stanley Park. I can happily say we visited the park a couple of times and it is quite beautiful.  We weren’t there in the fall, but I could imagine how nice it would be in October or November.

Stanley Park - TreesThe park is massive with over 400-hectare of natural West Coast rainforest with views of water, mountains, sky, and majestic trees. Some of these said threes stand as tall as 76 metres (249 ft) and are up to hundreds of years old. There are literally kilometers of trails, beautiful beaches, local wildlife, as well as natural, cultural and historical landmarks. There was no way to see half of what we wanted to see in one day. We definitely wished we had been able to spend more time exploring the park, but we did enjoy what we were able to see.

Stanley Park - Lord StanleyWe saw quite a few things in the park, but one of the first things I wanted to share that we saw was the statue to Lord Stanley. The statue depicts Lord Stanley, who was Governor General in 1888, standing with outstretched arms, welcoming all to the park. The 8-foot tall statue is made of bronze and granite. I thought it was quite appropriate that it is located close to the entrance of the park named in his honour.

Stanley Park - Totem PolesWe also saw the Stanley Park Totem Poles. These are really cool, and I found out that these totems are the most-visited tourist attraction in all of British Columbia.  Apparently four of the original Stanley Park totems were from Alert Bay on Vancouver Island; additional pieces were from the Queen Charlotte Islands and Rivers Inlet on the central coast of BC. Wherever they came from, they are exquisite.

Stanley Park - Yacht ClubWhile in the park, we also spent a little time walking about the Yacht Club area. It was very nice and made me wish we had a boat and could hit the water 🙂 Oh well, maybe next time. Not far from the Yacht Club is where the Horse-drawn carriage tours take off from. We were able to pet a couple of the horses and talk to their handlers. Sounded like a nice way to explore the park. Definitely worth looking into if you are in the park.  You can also take a shuttle or a bus tour. Click on their site to see info about their different tours.

Stanley Park - HorsesThere was so much more we wanted to see and do in Stanley Park, but sadly only had so much time. We would have loved to have visited their Aquarium, the Ted and Mary Greig Rhododendron Garden, the Shakespeare Garden, and Siwash Rock, just to name a few. Interestingly enough, we did run into a couple from Australia that we had shared breakfast with at our hotel that morning. Crazy small world, lol.Stanley Park - USOne last happy note. We stopped near the water to take a few picture and came across a happy couple who had just gotten married and were taking wedding photos in the park. I have to say, I can’t think of a more beautiful place in Vancouver to capture their special day.  I hope you enjoyed our visit and info about Stanley Park.  Please click on their site for more info and updates. It is definitely worth spending a few hours visiting.


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