Celebrating My One Year Blogiversary! – Part 2

It’s my 1 year Blogiversary! To celebrate, I have been working on a 3- part series to share a few blogs of my fellow bloggers. These blogs are written by those who have motivated me and inspired me though their comments on my blog posts, sharing my tweets on Twitter, and their messages on my Facebook wall. Again a huge THANK YOU!  If you missed it, here is a link to my post Blogiversary Part 1. Without further ado, here is today’s group I would like to share. Again, these are in no particular order. Continue reading “Celebrating My One Year Blogiversary! – Part 2”

Celebrating My One Year Blogiversary! – Part 1

I am sitting here working on my blogversary post and still find it hard to believe it’s been a year since I started this crazy experience of blogging. I didn’t know how to get started or even how much it cost, but I jumped in with both feet and here I am a year later. There were a lot of things that I learned along the way that I had wished I had known earlier, but we learn, grow, and move forward. The one thing I didn’t know, or take into consideration, was the amount of time it takes to actually work on posts, sharing posts via social media, and responding to email, Tweets, Facebook posts, etc. However, as many have said to me throughout the year, it is a labor of love and I have enjoyed it very much. Continue reading “Celebrating My One Year Blogiversary! – Part 1”

7 Free Things to do in the Windy City of Chicago

Chicago17I am happy to say that tomorrow we are heading to Chicago and have a few museums/attractions we are planning on doing (see my post, Souvenir Raffle) while in Chicago. However, we also wanted to do a few free attractions or events while soaking up the Chicago vibe. With that in mind, I did some searching and found 7 free activities that sound fun and interesting to do while in Chicago.  Continue reading “7 Free Things to do in the Windy City of Chicago”

Washington State Capitol – Olympia, WA

Washinston State Capitol bldgOn our recent trip to Seattle to  watch my Angels play the Mariners at Safeco Field, we were able to check one more state capitol off our list, the Washington State Capitol in Olympia! I have seriously lost count, but it was really nice to mark this one off our list 🙂  Even though the capitol building isn’t in Seattle, it was only an hour and ½ away, so we made a day trip out of it. Continue reading “Washington State Capitol – Olympia, WA”

Let’s Go Shopping at Pike Place Market – Seattle, WA

Pike_Place_Marke - SignOne of the things Gene really wanted to see and do while we were in Seattle was visit the Pike Place Market and watch the guys throw some fish around. I really didn’t see the appeal on the fish throwing part, but I did want to see the market.  We spent a few areas one afternoon before heading next door to Safeco Field to watch my Angels play the Mariners. We had a great time walking about the market place. Continue reading “Let’s Go Shopping at Pike Place Market – Seattle, WA”

2010 Olymic Cauldron – Vancouver, Canada

CauldronThousands upon thousands came to see the majestic Cauldron lit during the 2010 Winter Games. With the Games complete, the Cauldron remains as a permanent landmark on the Jack Poole Plaza. This was definitely something on the top of our list to see. I was hoping it would be lit with fire, but apparently they only lit with fire for certain reasons,  and on certain days, like Canada Day. However, it is lit with lights every night and they change the colors depending on the season or again for special occasions. Continue reading “2010 Olymic Cauldron – Vancouver, Canada”

Win a Souvenir from our Upcoming Trip to Chicago!

Sears Tower

The contest is now over and we have a WINNER!!! Thank you to all who entered.

I am pleased that our trip to Chicago, IL is only two weeks away.  We are heading there for a convention Thursday through Sunday, but decided to head out the weekend before and play in Chicago for a few days. Gene has been to Chicago for work, and I have both been there to watch the Angels play the White Sox, but we’ve never been to Chicago together. We are looking forward to doing some sightseeing. Continue reading “Win a Souvenir from our Upcoming Trip to Chicago!”