Giant Multnomah Falls on the Columbia River – Oregon

multnomah falls 1While spending some time in Portland we took a short 30 miles drive outside of Portland to see Multnomah Falls.  On the Oregon side of the Columbia River Gorge, these giant falls are located east of Troutdale, between Corbett and Dodson, along the Historic Columbia River Highway. This 611 foot tall roaring awe-inspiring cascade of icy water lets you experience the power and beauty of nature up close and with ease. Continue reading “Giant Multnomah Falls on the Columbia River – Oregon”

Buffalo Bill’s Grave and Museum – Lookout Mountain, CO

Buffalo Bill Museum and GraveEarlier this year my niece was out here visiting us from California and I got to play tour guide. We had fun going to such places as the Garden of the Gods, Hammonds Candies, and Celestial Seasonings. However, we also took her to another local attraction that actually was quite close to home for her. We visited the grave of Buffalo Bill who was her great or great –great uncle on her mother’s side. Since I am into genealogy, I thought this was so cool.  She seemed to enjoy visiting too. Continue reading “Buffalo Bill’s Grave and Museum – Lookout Mountain, CO”

Adorable Tiny Dolls at American Girl Place, Manhattan

agp-bldgThe word press word for the day is tiny. My immediate thought for some reason was the miniature dolls we saw at the American Girl Place. We checked out their amazing store when we were in Manhattan last year. Not sure why my thoughts went there, expect maybe that my niece just had a baby and she looks like a tiny little doll. Then again, I am probably bias, lol. Either way, I thought about these little 18 inch dolls and decided to share our experience. Continue reading “Adorable Tiny Dolls at American Girl Place, Manhattan”

Some of the Top Underground Cities Around the World

undergroundLiving in Colorado for a few years now I have heard some of the controversy about whether Denver has an underground city. I did some searching and couldn’t find anything concrete, however I did find quite a bit of information about other cities around the world that do have underground cities. Thus, I decided to share this information and hope you may find it interesting too. If you know of, or want to share other underground cities, please feel free to share in the comments below. Here are a few of the cities I found: Continue reading “Some of the Top Underground Cities Around the World”

Venture Out into the Beautiful Landscape of Virginia Beach, VA

Photo via Pixabay by Troy Cooper - Virginia Beach
Photo via Pixabay by Troy Cooper

Today’s post on Virginia Beach is a guest post written by Catherine W.  over at  Catherine is passionate about seeing as much of the world as possible. Ms. Workman spreads her love of travel alongside her great colleagues at WellnessVoyager. Hope you enjoy today’s post. Please share any comments below.  Continue reading “Venture Out into the Beautiful Landscape of Virginia Beach, VA”

Hyatt Resorts – Andaz 5th Ave in Manhattan, New York

andaz-frontEarly last year we joined the Hyatt Reward program and have enjoyed using it a few times. Just for signing up we received two free nights, which was great. After some debate, we decided to use them in one of the most exciting places, NYC. While in NY, we spent two amazing nights at the Andaz on 5th Avenue right across from the Stephen Schwarzman Liibrary. While we have stayed at three different properties since we joined their program, and found each one wonderful and quite unique, there was just something special about the Andaz.   Continue reading “Hyatt Resorts – Andaz 5th Ave in Manhattan, New York”

Forget Stereotypes. Flattery Means Being Accepted.

 I had a little bit of a panic when I saw the Daily Prompt Word for today on Word Press was Flattery. I am not the type of person that is accustomed to flattery . I am not a tall gorgeous, blond  bombshell (almost the exact opposite), but my husband tells me I am beautiful to him, so that is all that matters to me. Thus, it was really hard for me to start my blog as I felt I wouldn’t be good enough, or smart enough, or that I would have enough people even care about what I had to say. It is sad how our outward image can affect how we feel on the inside. However, I have a goal of living a freedom lifestyle, and I wasn’t and won’t let fear stop me. I set up my blog, made a few post and was initially disappointed. I read a lot of blogs and soon realized that blogging is not easy,  and can take years to truly be successful.  Continue reading “Forget Stereotypes. Flattery Means Being Accepted.”

Our Unplanned Visit to Monticello – Jefferson’s Home

monticello-frontWhile traveling sometimes things don’t always go as planned.  While on a trip to Washington D.C. we had booked a tour that would take us all over the Mall and the local area. Can’t remember the tour group, but I was extremely upset to get to the pick-up location to find out that it was cancelled due to the million family march on the mall.  An email or phone call to cancel would have been nice, but we did get our money back. After much discussion, we decided to leave D.C. a day early (since there were too many people on the mall to do anything) and check out Monticello before we headed to our time share in Williamsburg.  We made the best of a bad situation and had a great time checking out the former home and plantation of our third president, Thomas Jefferson. Continue reading “Our Unplanned Visit to Monticello – Jefferson’s Home”

Animals Love Road Trips. At Least Our Dogs do.

 I was very happy to see the subject for our post this week – Animals.  We have traveled through a few countries,  but try to do a lot of road trips here in the US, so we can take our two little fur babies with us. Sometimes it is hard trying to find a place to stay where we can have the dogs or places where we can eat with the dogs, but it is all so worth it. We love having them with us and they love going with us.  Continue reading “Animals Love Road Trips. At Least Our Dogs do.”