What do you Relish in Life? Experiences or Stuff?

beach-day-10-1Today’s Word Press word is Relish, so I have to ask, what do you relish in your life?  Is it the perfect job, the most amazing spouse, or the most intelligent children?  Or is it having the biggest house in the best neighborhood with the most expensive car in the garage?  I have never really been the type of person that was always trying to keep up with the Jones’. However, there might have been a little bit of desire in high school. I remember everyone always trying to outdo the next person, but I tried not to get sucked into it, and eventually it didn’t matter anymore.

mansion-in-denverThrough the years I have learned that what you relish in life changes as you go through different stages of your life. But for me it was never to try to out shine my friends, neighbors, etc.   I remember after graduating from high school wanting to be happily married and starting a new life with that person.  It was quite a few years later, but I was able to find that amazing love and we did start that wonderful life. With that new life, we started relishing the idea of buying a house, a place we could make our home.   We worked hard and were able to make that a reality. It’s not the mansion above, but it fit us and we loved it. denverMany years down the road I started feeling suffocated in the traffic, the heat, and the craziness of Southern California. I relished the idea of starting over in a less populated and crazy state.  We ended up near Denver in Colorado and love it here. We bought another house out here and have enjoyed making it our own. However, as we are getting older and a little more financially stable we have been able to travel and I definitely have the travel bug, bad.

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At one point I had the yearning to furnish our basement and make an entertainment room, however, the desire to travel and see the world has now taken over. We are currently working very hard on paying our last year of car payments to focus on saving to achieve this lofty goal in the future. It is a HUGE endeavor, but this is the stage of life we are in now. I want to acquire memories, not more stuff. We don’t need it all and we can’t take it with us.  What do you relish in life? What stage are you in?


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