DrFumblefinger Likes the Colorado Rockies

Ultimate Blog Challenge Day 6 – This is really one of the blogs I really want to share on this post, Travel Gumbo. The owner’s name is drfumblefiner, and he has really been a constant resource of support and information. I actually do several posts on his site, and enjoy it very much. Here is a little about him in his own words.Travel GumboI love travel!  I love everything about it!  The research, the planning….culminated by the actual experience!  It’s all great!!  I’m a physician who works full-time in a busy hospital practice, but traveling is a big part of my life.  I love to share what I’ve learned and love to learn from others as well; there’s no better place to do so than online.  My best source of travel information is from my fellow travelers.

I’ve visited dozens of countries on six continents, and can usually find something I like about a destination.  Some of my favorite places include Hawaii, Sri Lanka and the Rocky Mountains. I’ve been working on a travel blog for a few years now, which you can visit at www.drfumblefinger.com.   Today most of my blogging energy is devoted to a website which is aimed at creating a large community of travelers, of which I’m especially proud, www.travelgumbo.com.  Travel Gumbo is “By Travelers, For Travelers’.  We welcome you to be part of it.  Samantha, who is an inspired traveler and blogger, is also part of this travel community.Since he likes the Rocky Mountains, and I live near the beautiful Rocky Mountains, I decided to share a few pictures from our visits to the various parts of the Rockies. One of my more enjoyable memories is going up to Estes Park and Rocky Mountain National Park with my mom and stepdad when they were visiting from California. Here is a picture of us as we were walking about the park.Another enjoyable trip Gene and took was up to Steamboat Springs. We spent a long weekend up there and had a great time exploring the area. Hopefully we can make it back there one day soon.  Hope you enjoyed learning about Travel Gumbo and my pictures from around the Colorado Rockies. 


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