Top 5 Memorable Places I Want to Visit Again

VisitWe have been blessed, and have been able to travel quite a bit. Not as much as we would like, but definitely more than a lot of people I know. No matter where we go, or how long we are there, it never seems to be enough time. I always leave sad and wanting more time to explore and learn to appreciate what the country, city or area has to offer. Sadly a week, or even two weeks is not enough. While we have traveled a lot, there have been a few places that grabbed me, and I find myself day-dreaming about being able to visit again one day.  Today, I want to visit these 5 cities and countries again.  There is so much more to see and do  🙂  

I love France, especially Paris (however the whole country is amazing 🙂 It was one of our first international trips we took and I fell in love immediately. Since our first visit, we have been back 2 or 3 times. I just can’t get enough of this mesmerizing city. I love the feel of the city while walking along the River Seine, seeing the twinkling lights of the Tour Eiffel, and just the feel of romance in the air. It’s incredible. One of the best parts was just sitting outside at a little cafe, drinking a glass or wine, and soaking up the Paris atmosphere. 

There was also an immediate pull when we visited Idaho for the first time. It is one of the most beautiful but understated states in the country.  They have some incredible rivers, 107,651 miles of rivers snake through the Idaho wilderness. Idaho also has the most usable hot springs in the United States, with 130 being deemed ‘soakable’ out of the 340 throughout the state. However, one of the things I liked most about Idaho was the people. The people there are real. They are friendly and very proud of their state. Most people we talked to had no desire to ever leave the state. As beautiful as it is, I can see why they would never want to leave.

I am always sad when we have left France, but it’s nothing compared to how I felt both times we left Hawaii. I was literally near tears I loved the islands so much. What is there not to like and enjoy.  The temperatures were in the 70’s and 80’s in December, with white sand beaches, and water this is still warm enough to swim in. Not to mention all the amazing tropical drinks you must have while in Hawaii. But just like Idaho, the people and the Aloha Spirit is everywhere. They are on island time, and I pray that we get to experience another beautiful relaxing island one day soon.

The pulse of New York is nothing you can explain unless you’ve been there. It’s crazy and loud, yet I also found it enjoyable. This is saying A LOT because I don’t like crowds. However, I knew this going into our trip and was prepared. What I quickly found, is that it was a buzz of activity going on everywhere, but you didn’t have to get pulled into it. I will never forget the feeling I had while sitting on the steps of the New York Public Library. Gene was off doing some errands for a couple of hours so I decided to tour the library.

Before I went in I grabbed a dog from a vendor, and just set out front watching people come and go and soaking up Manhattan. It was amazing. I think this was when I really fell in love with New York. It reminded me a lot of Paris, which is why I probably loved it so much.  It was weird to be in such a huge and busy city, but I felt so peaceful and so content at the same time. Just like the pulse of New York, I don’t know how to explain it, unless you felt it. The big apple grabbed me and I definitely can’t wait to visit again one day.

The last place on our list  I want to visit again is Italy. It is a place we have visited, but only briefly and only to see the Museo de Egizie in Turin. The area was beautiful, but we both really want to explore more of Northern Italy. Of course, I have to say the biggest thing we want to enjoy in Italy is the food. Italian food is my favorite and I can’t wait to try some more authentic food. I had some of the best Gnocchi I have ever had in Italy, and look forward to some more the next time we are in Italy.

So there you have it, my top 5 cities and countries that I would love to visit again. I know it’s strange that Idaho is included along such places as Paris and New York. I think I like them both because they are so different. Above is a picture of us at Shoshone Falls. Are any of these your favorite cities or countries?



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