DIA Has the Fastest Wi-Fi of all U.S. Airports

We are going to be flying a lot this year and it made me start thinking about all the time sitting in airports, and what we do with that time. Like most people we rely on the airports Wi-Fi and jump our laptop, phone or tablet to check email, update our Facebook status, Twitter feeds, or just web surf. It is a great way to spend some of the annoying and wasted time because of security. I had noticed that Denver International Airport (DIA), our home airport, seemed to have pretty good Wi-Fi speeds so I decided to see how it stacked up against other US airports. I was pleasantly surprised. According to many sites, including the Entrepreneur article posted on Jan 17, 2017 DIA is the airport with the fastest Wi-Fi. Here is the rest of their list:


Major airports with the fastest Wi-Fi:

  1. Denver (DEN)
  2. Philadelphia (PHL)
  3. Seattle-Tacoma (SEA)
  4. Dallas Fort Worth (DFW)
  5. Miami (MIA)

I knew their W-Fi- was fast, but I had no idea it was the fastest in the US. Wohoo for DIA  🙂  Apparently they invested $2.5 million to upgrade its Wi-Fi since 2015, and those funds have paid off. It is easy to see why they are number 1 in this area. There are some things I like and some things I dislike about DIA, but it’s nice to know that the airport I fly out of the most, has the fastest Wi-Fi. It still doesn’t count down on the wait  time at the airport, but at least it cuts down on wait time for webpages to load!  Thank you DIA.

On the flip side of this news is the list of the airports with the slowest W-Fi speed. While I couldn’t find an actually list, but I read many stories with people complaining about most of the airports in NYC area, as well as the one in Atlanta. I am not sure about NYC, but I can attest to the one in Atlanta. I was there several years ago and it was horrible. Apparently they haven’t upgrade since then 🙁

So there you have it, the top 5 US Airports with the fastest W–Fi.  If you fly in or out of one of these airports, please post a comment. I would like to know what you think of their Wi-Fi. Thanks and happy travels.


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