Top 4 Destinations on Our 20th Anniversary List

I am having a major case of wanderlust and can’t help day dreaming about our 20th wedding anniversary next year. We have some trip planned for almost every month this year, but I can’t stop thinking about spending two weeks in Europe somewhere next May. We are going to use miles, so I can’t actually start looking until June (they start booking 11 months out). This might be part of the issue, as I keep thinking of places on our bucket list, then I read a post, or blog about another amazing place, and now it’s in the mix, lol. But we have narrowed it down to the top 4 places that are on the top of our list.Germany has been on our list for quite a while. With its landscape of forests, rivers, mountain ranges and North Sea beaches, it sounds like an amazing place to visit. I would also love to see some of the incredible castles. Since we are taking two weeks for our anniversary, we were thinking a week in Munich and a week in Berlin. I wish we would be going during Oktoberfest, but maybe some other time 🙂

Italy is also high on our list. We have actually been to Italy, but only for a day and on in the Torino area. We were able to see the Museo de Egizie and it was amazing, however, I would love to see Venice or Rome.  Taking a gondola ride sounds incredible and being on the Mediterranean coastline, it would probably be breathtaking. Gene would love to go to Florence so we could easily spend our anniversary in Northern Italy.Home to the Royal Palace and Prado Museum, we would both enjoy exploring Madrid, Spain. Then again, a week in Barcelona would also be amazing. I enjoy Tapas and Sangria, so I would fit in just fine, lol. Joking aside, Spain is beautiful and definitely a place I would love to see one day. Barcelona might be a little more romantic for our anniversary than Madrid, so we may have to spend a week in both, lol Gene’s brother Dan has always wanted to go to Greece, and I can’t blame him. It looks phenomenal. Granted, I am basing this off movies like My Life in Ruins, and the play Mama Mia, but I am sure they don’t do it justice to seeing it in person. I can’t think of a more romantic place to spend our 20th anniversary. Since it is a little cheaper in Greece, we will probably spend at least a week in the Athens area.As you can see, we have a few decisions to make. Who knows, we may even spend a week in Greece, than a week in Italy.  We are so up in the air, and it is driving me crazy, :(. I know, first world problems, lol.  I will even admit that I even got distracted day dreaming again about all these wonderful places while writing this post. At least I got back on track and focused again, lol. There is nothing I can do at the moment, except read, figure out what we want to do in all of these places, and see what happens when we can book in June. Have you ever felt this way? I am hoping I am not alone in this. Have you been to any of these places? What do you suggest? Please share and tell me your stories. In the meantime, happy travels.



Wir gehen nach Deutschland! We have made our decision and we are going to Germany! However, we have decided to do 3 nights in Vienna, 3 nights in Prague, and then a week in Munich. Looking forward to checking out all these amazing places next year. I actually purchased the Rosetta Stone software and working on learning a little bit of Deutsch before we leave. I know I won’t be fluent (by any stretch of the imagination), but I want to be able to understand a few phrases, etc.  Gene took German in high school and remembers a little, so I needed to catch up. lol. Wish us luck. More details as our trip gets closer. Auf Wiedersehen.


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2 comments on “Top 4 Destinations on Our 20th Anniversary List
  1. Germany has some fantastic landscapes for sure. We have done Munich and Schloss Neuschwanstein (the castle illustrating Germany in the post) and I could offer some tips for that part.

  2. Wow, 20th Anniversary arriving! This needs to be celebrated. Greece is amazing. If you decide to go to Athens, remember to leave the town as well, it can be a bit tiring after few days. Glyfada area has nice beaches and dining (even in winter time!) Micro lima (little harbour) as well. I\’m invited for a wedding to Patra this July, can\’t wait!

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