Never Give Up Hope! Perseverance Is Vital!

Today I wanted to share how I was felling over the weekend as I look at going back to work on Monday. I am thankful and blessed for my job, and I enjoy what I do (thank you to my co-workers for the appreciation). However, I do have some bigger dreams and they aren’t in a cube surrounded by other people in cubes. I want to explore the world and see what else is out there to see. Thus, I created this blog mostly for fun, but it has made my sense of wanderlust much worse, lol. I can only keep plugging away at my dreams, and hope that one day they will come true. Read my post about what I envision would be a My Perfect Day.

  Right now I hope that one day that my blog will be successful enough that we can take a few vacations and not have to spend money from our savings.  I look forward to the day when I can fully fund a trip! However, it has been a slow process, and a lot of work.  Even with that said, I love it and it is so worth it. Ask me at midnight or so when I am trying to get a post done for the next morning and I might now feel that way at the time, but you get my point.  I know I wouldn’t keep at it if I didn’t enjoy it. 🙂

Every morning I get up and hope that my stats were good from the day before. Someday’s they are relatively good (for me) and then other days they are horrible. It can really me feel defeated. I feel like I am doing something wrong, or people just don’t like what I have to say, etc. I could start a small pity party, as my sister calls it, but I am not giving up so I hope today is a better day.  Regardless of the stats, I keep going with my plans and hope that perseverance will pay off one day. 🙂 Thank you to my readers for you shares, re-tweets, likes, comments, etc You definitely help keep me motivated and focused.


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One comment on “Never Give Up Hope! Perseverance Is Vital!
  1. I’m a firm believer in Hope! It’s what keeps dreams alive! I am in the same place as you with my blog . . . keep working toward your dream and you will get there! (I’m talking to myself here as well!)

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