5 Blogs I Discovered Recently Through the Ultimate Blog Challenge

Blog I am currently in the middle of the April Ultimate Blog Challenge and today’s post was to share the top 5 blogs that I discovered during this challenge. They are very interesting and I look forward to following them on their adventures and explorations. Here they are in no particular order:

It is written by a woman named Carla quit my job last August 2016 to embrace a life of travel and a digital nomad. She wanted to save the world from bored citizens of cubicle nation by blogging about travel tips and travel guides. So she created her blog called Just Traveling Solo  to write about her solo adventures and misadventures while circling the globe. Now she wants to inspire others to travel and empower everyone or just one human being to travel the world.  Great site to check out if you haven’t yet.Another blog I recently discovered is Thoughts by Heidi – Life Lessons, Blogging, Relationships, Humor.  Not only is she a writer and a mad scientist, she is also certified in Social Media Marketing and Nutrition. Besides travel destinations she shares posts on books, and hotel reviews.

If you haven’t visited Mapping Meagan, you definitely should. It is written by adrenaline junkies, and incredibly active travelers, Meg & Mike Jerrard, They’ve been blogging since 2007 to bring us the best in adventure travel from all over the globe! From mountain biking “death road”, Bolivia, to skydiving over the Swiss Alps; bungee jumping in Costa Rica, boarding the world’s largest sand dunes, and summiting Mt Kilimanjaro; there is no mountain too high, and no fete too extreme for them!

I enjoy my job and what I am doing, but one day I would love to be location independent and be able to do some long term travel. Thus I was happy to find A Broken Backpack. It is a blog written by Melissa, a self-proclaimed random backpacker, professional photo bomber, lovely devil-ish angel who decided to blog about it. She has been traveling since June 2014, and is backpacking her way across the globe. I mostly read travel or food related blogs, but found Hey I Am Lili.  It is written by Elisa (aka Lili) who writes on a variety of subjects within the themes of beauty, health, living, travel and food! She shares a little bit of everything and I find it very fascinating.  You might find it interesting too.

I hope you enjoyed this list of blogs and you might find them a s enjoyable and I do. Please let me know what you think, or share other blogs that you like. I am always open to new sites. Thank you and happy travels.


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