Here Are Some Simple Ways to Afford Studying Abroad

Today I wanted to share an article that I found that make me think back to my college days. I had always wanted to travel and looked into studying abroad. Sadly it didn’t happen for me, but that doesn’t mean it can’t happen for you. My main excuse was that it was so expensive, but things also changed in my life around that time. However, I still regret that I wasn’t able to have had that amazing opportunity. I would hate for others to miss, or pass, the possibility of a life altering experience due to money. Thus I decided to share this article so your dream of studying abroad can become a reality.  Credit for article is listed below. Studying abroad is on the wish list of many university students; however, few actually accomplish this opportunity. This is heavily correlated with the number of expenses studying abroad can accrue. The truth of the matter is that although studying abroad can get expensive, it can be quite affordable if you are willing to put in the work.   Scholarships: There are countless scholarships to help you afford study abroad. First, start with your university. Most only require you to write an essay usually no more than a thousand words as well as fill out a basic application. The university can direct you to scholarships students at your university have applied to in the past; or the most popular ones such as, the Gilman Scholarship; which is awarded every semester. In addition, your university is likely to have their own scholarship for their students who wish to study abroad which increase your odds to receiving it.

Next, a simple Google search will provide you with hundreds results of scholarships that you can apply to. These scholarships do not need to be directly related to studying abroad. For instance, if you are a nursing major, you could find a scholarship about diversity in the medical workforce. The range of different scholarships is endless, covering everything from academic excellence to being left handed. If you spend some time drafting and working on essays, there is a chance you can fund the majority of your program on scholarships alone.

Partnership Programs: Worried about out of country tuition? Great news, there’s a great chance that if you have any foreign exchange students in your university, your school already has an exchange or partnership program with a school overseas. Therefore, the schools have an agreement where they can exchange students without having them apply to universities and allow you to pay the same amount of tuition as your home university.

Savings/ Cutting Costs: Living expenses can be pricy as a college student. However, if you really think about it there is probably a cost or two you can cut down or eliminate entirely. For example, if you are already spending $10 a month on Netflix, it is probably not necessary to have cable, too. Similarly, most college students eat out every day, so next time you eat out, keep your receipts and track how much you are spending; chances are; you are spending an unnecessary amount of money. By eliminating that expense and making your food at home you will see a drastic difference in your excess income. That money you saved can go straight towards your “eating pizza in Italy” fund. In fact, try challenging yourself to spend a certain amount a money each month. You can find ways to challenge yourself by getting an app for your smartphone, such as, Daily Budget. A few number amounts add up, and before you know you have a steady savings account.

Part-Time/Odd Jobs: Part-time positions are not going to be possible for everyone.: However, if you are pending most of your weekends going out or checking your social media, there is a good chance you can take on a part-time job. If your schedule does not permit that kind of flexibility, odd jobs are still a viable option, and now, with sites like, “” or “”, it is easier than ever to accumulate extra money. Crowd Funding: Sites like GoFundMe and Kickstarter are a great way to receive help from your friends, family, and other outside sources. Create a profile and post it on your social media pages like Facebook, and you might be surprised how many people actually want to contribute to your goals of learning abroad. —  Article Source:


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