7 Pet Friendly Parks and Places in the Saint Louis Area

Dog ParksAs I stated on my post, 8 FREE things to do in St. Louis, last week, we are heading to St. Louis next week. It is a road trip, so we are bringing our fur babies with us on our trip. With that in mind, I wanted to find a few free things we could do with them that are also fun an enjoyable for us too. Here a 7 of the more memorable parks and places where they are welcome. Hope you find this list of dog parks, etc helpful. I will update this post with details from the paces we were able to visit after our trip.

Riverfront Trail

Want to get a little walking in with your fur buddy? If so, why not head to the Riverfront Trail. It’s a great place to see unique art and beautiful riverside views. Sounds like a great place to take a walk with our babies.

Castlewood State Park

If you are willing to drive about 30 minutes, you can visit beautiful Castlewood State Park.  Once you get there, the Meramec River, plenty of trails and awesome views await. Hopefully we can take our fur babies here while vising the area. As long as it’s not too hot, it sounds like  it would be a pleasant place to walk.

R.T. Weiler’s

I wasn’t going to mention or share restaurants with patio’s etc, but these two sounded interesting. The first one is R.T. Weiler’s. This is a pet friendly family-owned restaurant who states that they will hang a picture of your dog on their wall if you bring one to share with them. How cool, huh?

Old Millstream Inn

The second one is Old Millstream Inn. It sounded interesting as they a waterfall you can enjoy while enjoying some typical pub fare and trying one of their 100 bottled beers they serve. This sounds like a must do to me 🙂

City Garden

Sounds like a great place to spend a sunny afternoon with your furry friend. There are lots of art sculptures for you to see, as well as fountains for them to run through if they get hot. Sounds like this would also be a good place for kids to run around as well. Plus they will get a little bit of culture too 🙂

Ellen Clark Sculpture Park

While not technically a dog park, there are picnic tables for you and plenty of space for your pup to romp.  Unlike some parks, this one even has a baggy dispenser. Here’s my PSA – Be a responsible pet owner and pick up after your pet. Ok, moving on, lol.

St Louis Flea Market

Bring your pup to the St Louis Flea Market on Cherokee Street on the last Sunday of each month. You’ll get to shop, eat and enjoy some live music, and he’ll love all the walking, sniffing and people watching he gets to do. While we won’t be there on the last Sunday of the month, I thought this was worth mentioning especially since we will be staying in an Airbnb very close to Cherokee Street.


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