Intriguing Laumeier Sculpture Park – Saint Louis, Missouri

I am sitting here in our wonderful little Airbnb place near Cherokee Row, St. Louis and looking at pictures while Gene takes an afternoon nap. We have had a great time exploring since we have been here in Missouri. However, one of the most interesting things we have done up to this point is the Laumeier Sculpture Park. It is actually in Kirkwood I believe, which isn’t too far from St. Louis.

We have our dogs with us, and thought this would be a great thing to do with them to give them a little chance to run around and have some fun too. So glad we brought them along, as they did seem to have a nice time.

Apparently it is 105-acres, houses over 60 outdoor sculptures, and features a 1.4-miles of walking trails. It is HUGE, but beautiful. There is also an indoor gallery, and an 1816 Tudorstone mansion. This was the former residence of Henry and Matilda Laumeier.

The first thing you can’t help but notice when we parked is the huge eye sculpture. I was not surprised to find out it is  called The Eye. It was done by Tony Tasset in 2007. Modeled after Tasset’s own eye, the never blinking, constantly conscious piece, watches over Laumeier day and night. It is quite interesting.

The other thing that caught my eye, ha-ha, was what is called The Way. It was created by Alexander Liberman and consists of eighteen salvaged steel oil tanks. This monument dominates the field and represantes classic Greek temples and Gothic styple cathedrals. Liberman was Russian and the sculpture is painted Cadmium red for its symbolic qualities, as well as representing beauty in the Russian culture. It is a truly amazing piece of art.

While walking around Laumeier Sculpture Park, we both saw many sculptures that we liked. However a piece that Gene really liked was Crete by Charles Ginnever. There wasn’t much info on it, but it did look pretty cool. You can see how big it is by how little I look, lol. I also liked a piece called Bornibus. A steel monument created by Mark Di Suvero, that I thought it was very interesting.

Another piece that we both thought was pretty neat was merely called Deer. Created by Tony Tasset, she is composed as a nervous and pensive mouumental fawn ready to make her move. He explains Deer as a work that represents the highest conceptual ambitions with a delightful popular twist. She is quite tall as you can see in the picture below of Gene and the girls.

There we so many amazing pieces and I took ton of pictures as we walked around Laumeier Sculpture Park. Too many to share here on one blog post. However I have created a video with a bunch of pictures through out the park. I hope you enjoy it as well as this post. Free free to comment or ask questions. We all had a great time. Here is a link to their website with more information, hours, locations, etc. It is a great place to roam around with kids and dogs. So glad we we able to visit.


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