Ways to Alleviate the Symptoms of Jet Lag

jet-lag-action-planAs we are getting ready to take a long flight later this month and started thinking about jet leg. We’ve have traveled to Europe many times, but it has been a few years. Thus I decided to do some research and share ways to combat the effects of jet lag here on my travel blog. For those of you who haven’t flown on a long flight at 35, 000 feet, I want to share that jet lag is a temporary sleep problem that can affect anyone who quickly travels across multiple time zones. Continue reading “Ways to Alleviate the Symptoms of Jet Lag”

2017 Sweetheart City Valentines Program – Loveland, CO

Valentine - CO

Happy Valentines Day everyone! I know that this time of year can be hard for many people and so does the city of Loveland, CO.  According to Loveland’s Chamber of Commerce, the city of Loveland, also known as ‘The Sweetheart City has been re-mailing valentines with a special cachet and postal cancellation since 1947. Since then, Loveland, . has become world renown for its dedication to romance. Not only does the The Sweetheart City capture the essence of romance via its world-renowned Valentine Re-mailing program, but also via the many weddings and anniversaries celebrated each year!  Continue reading “2017 Sweetheart City Valentines Program – Loveland, CO”

Times Square and the Waterford Times Square Ball

Times-SquareAt the junction of Broadway and Seventh Avenue, and stretching from West 42nd to West 47th Streets is Times Square, a major commercial intersection and neighborhood in Midtown Manhattan, New York. Brightly adorned with billboards and advertisements, sometimes referred to as The Crossroads of the World, Times Square is one of the world’s busiest pedestrian intersections. Times Square is one of the world’s most visited tourist attractions, drawing an estimated fifty million visitors annually. Approximately 330,000 people pass through Times Square daily, many of them tourists, while over 460,000 pedestrians walk through Times Square on its busiest days. It is also the hub of the Broadway Theater District and a major center of the world’s entertainment industry. Continue reading “Times Square and the Waterford Times Square Ball”

Holiday Festival of Lights – Cincinnati Zoo

Festival of Lights Classic CincinnatiWe have never been to Cincinnati but look forward to visiting one day. One event I would really like to see when we do make it to Cincinnati is the Festival of Lights at the Cincinnati Zoo. My friend Tina in the Cincinnati area sent me this information and I thought it would be fun to share on my blog.  Continue reading “Holiday Festival of Lights – Cincinnati Zoo”

7 Tips for Surviving the Holidays with Family


The Holidays Are Coming!!! I am looking forward to heading to California this year near Christmas to see family and friends. We usually have a great time, and there usually isn’t a lot of stress involved, but sometimes things come up that can add tension and stress to an otherwise great visit. Continue reading “7 Tips for Surviving the Holidays with Family”