Hello Spring and the April Ultimate Blog Challenge

April Hope you are enjoying spring so far. I like Fall the best, but spring is a close second 🙂   Earlier this year I took part in the January Blog Challenge and had a good time. For those of you who are not familiar with the Ultimate Blog Challenge (UBC), it is a virtual event for bloggers held every quarter with a goal for bloggers to write a new blog post every day during the challenge month.  I posted 28 days out of 31 as I was still on vacation until the 3rd. However I made it the rest of the month, and felt very good. Thus I have decided to do the April Ultimate Blog Challenge. Thus I will be sharing a post every day for the next 30 days! It seems like a lot, but I know I can do it if I stay focused and set goals. Continue reading “Hello Spring and the April Ultimate Blog Challenge”

An Emotional Pilgrimage Shared in the Movie – – “The Way.”

The WayLast night Gene and I finally had a chance to watch the movie The Way. I had heard it was very good, and we weren’t disappointed. Then again, I shouldn’t have been surprised. It was written and directed by Emilio Estevez, and starred his father Martin Sheen. Emilio also starred as Daniel, the recently deceased son of Martin Sheen’s character named Tom. Continue reading “An Emotional Pilgrimage Shared in the Movie – – “The Way.””

Don’t Be a Tourist, Be a Traveler – Tourist vs Traveler

I love the quote, be a traveler, not a tourist. Many people may not get this, or like me, have a hard time letting go of wanting to see everything. I have gotten much better at this, but, it’s still hard for me. However, as we travel more, and it becomes more of a focus for us, I find it easier. I know I want to see more, but I also know, I plan to go back one day. I can give up a few things and look forward to going back to see them on another trip. With this in mind, I decided to break down the difference of a tourist vs traveler . Continue reading “Don’t Be a Tourist, Be a Traveler – Tourist vs Traveler”

10 Smart Things to Pack in Your Carry-On

My husband and I have been traveling for many years and have learned a lot of things about flying, and packing for flights. Some of things we have learned through our own experience (good and bad), as well as listening to other travelers horror stories. While we can’t do anything about airlines delays or issues, we can at least try to be prepared as best we can for these inconveniences. This all starts with making sure you pack a small carry-on bag, even if it is for a short non-stop flight. Continue reading “10 Smart Things to Pack in Your Carry-On”

Made It Through the January Ultimate Blog Challenge!

Ultimate Blog Challenge BannerToday is the last day of the January Ultimate Blog Challenge. I started a couple of days late (I was on vacation), but I have been at it every day since. It was hard sometimes to try to fit it in every day with everything else going on, but I made it! See my Ultimate Blog Challenge completion certificate below, lol Continue reading “Made It Through the January Ultimate Blog Challenge!”

Why I like the Movie Under the Tuscan Sun

Tuscan Sun Today’s task on the Ultimate Blog Challenge was to share our favorite movie. Well that is really hard to do as they are so many amazing movies out there. Even if I were break it down to just movies related to travel it would be hard. I started thinking about some of the greats: Lost in Translation, The Beach, Thelma and Louise, Seven Years in Tibet, Lawrence of Arabia, Wild, and the Bucket List. There are so many good ones. However one of my favorites has to be Under the Tuscan Sun which was filmed in beautiful Tuscany, Italy. Yes, I know it’s a chick movie (which is why I probably like it), but it is intriguing and inspiring. Continue reading “Why I like the Movie Under the Tuscan Sun”

Blogging is like a Diary for Adults

DiaryUltimate Blog Challenge Day 21 — I have always loved to write and like most little girls, it was in a pink little diary with a lock that only I had a key for. Little did it matter that my mom probably knew where the key was and would have been able to read anytime she wanted. I don’t know if she did or not, but at the time I felt safe writing down all my secrets, thoughts, dreams, frustrations, excitements, etc.  Continue reading “Blogging is like a Diary for Adults”

Fear of Flying? Justified or Just Plain Silly?

Many people have a fear of flying and I feel some are justified and some are just silly. There are people who are afraid of heights, claustrophobic, have panic attacks, stomach issues (or other medical issue), or merely had a traumatic issue on a previous flight which can make them nervous of flying again.  These are all understandable and legitimate reasons to have a fear of flying.  Continue reading “Fear of Flying? Justified or Just Plain Silly?”

Top Four Places Currently on our Bucket List

Bucket List Writing my post My Childhood Dream of Being a Flight Attendant reminded me of my bucket list I created when I was a young child. Happily I have been able to mark a few of these off my list. However, as I have gotten older and Gene and I have traveled more, it has only made my bucket list pages and pages. Seems like a never ending list, lol.  Every time we travel, we speak to someone else and learn of another place that we want to visit. Of course there are a few places which are on the top of our bucket list. I’d like to share 4 of them today, and why they are high on our list.  They are not in any particular order.  Continue reading “Top Four Places Currently on our Bucket List”

Travel Magazines That Bring us Closer to Our Dreams

Travel MagazinesAs you may have seen on my previous post this month, I am participating in the Ultimate Blog Challenge for the month of January. Each morning participants receive an email with ideas and suggestions for daily posts. The latest post was to review a book or movie we’ve read or seen recently, preferably in our niche. Well I haven’t read any books or seen any movies recently about travel, but I have read many travel magazines. Thus I decided to share some of my favorite travel magazines and a little about them. They are listed alphabetically. Hope you enjoy. Continue reading “Travel Magazines That Bring us Closer to Our Dreams”