Save Money on Flights by Clearing Browser Cookies

In today’s age of technology we are booking flights and flying across the county at increasing rates. With the summer season upon us, ticket prices will also be increasing. However, there are still a few tricks to  try to get the cheapest tickets available be flying certain times or certain days. You can read my post Best Time to Book Airline Tickets. However there is another trick that a lot of people may not know, and it’s pretty simple. It’s called clearing your cookies. Not we aren’t talking about cleaning cookies off your keyboard, lol, we are taking about clearing the history in your browsers. Continue reading “Save Money on Flights by Clearing Browser Cookies”

Airline Tickets – Best Time to Book a Flight

airplane moneyIf you have read any of my Money Saving Tips for your Big Trip, you may know that we have 3 huge trips coming up this year, including Hawaii. While I am very excited for these awesome trips, the thought of pricing for our airline tickets really scared me.  I have heard a lot of “experts” say to purchase your tickets on Tuesday evening or Sunday. With all of this information running around, I decided to do a little searching myself and see what I found. The amount of information was shocking.  Continue reading “Airline Tickets – Best Time to Book a Flight”