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Dodgers Stadium and the Los Angeles Dodgers

Los Angeles Dodgers Baseball is back! The first games are being played today, and my Angels and the Rockies open on Friday night. The Rockies opponent this season is the Los Angeles Dodgers.  Thus I decided to share a post about the actual team located in Los Angeles. Living in Southern California for many years, we have been to many games at Dodgers Stadium.  I think one of the highlights was when I was at Dodgers Stadium when Ramón Martínez pitched a no-hitter on July 14, 1995.  It is still the only no-hitter I’ve seen in person. It was quite exciting. Now for some history about the Dodgers organization. Continue reading Dodgers Stadium and the Los Angeles Dodgers

Manhattan Bridges Spanning the East River

Brooklyn Bridge 1I love all the crime scene dramas set in New York City such as Castle, Law and Order, Blue Bloods, Elementary, and Person of Interest. I have been going through summer hiatus withdrawals and currently watching re-runs of Blue Bloods. I am always fascinated with the various New York Bridges during their opening theme song and started wondering which bridges they were. Thus, I decided to do some research and find out which bridges we want to see while in New York in October. Continue reading Manhattan Bridges Spanning the East River