Pet Travel – Decisions to Make Before Traveling with your Pets

We just had an amazing day with our dogs walking around Idaho Springs in Colorado. It was apparent that this town is very dog friendly. There were so many dogs walking around with their owners, enjoying the warm weather. Later we set out on a patio with other dog owners and had a beer and some pizza. It was a great day, and we definitely want to go back for a long weekend sometime. Thus, it made me thing about traveling with pets and how it can be difficult depending on the city. I found this article and thought it might be helpful for people who are planning an upcoming trips with their pets. Article credits is listed below.  Continue reading “Pet Travel – Decisions to Make Before Traveling with your Pets”

Canadian Snow Train – Toronto to Vancouver

canada train2

As summer ends and we are looking toward the holidays, it is a great time to start thinking about your winter travel plans. Why not do something different and travel on the snow train from Toronto to Vancouver? Nothing shows you Canada like the train. Book your 2015/2016 winter vacation with Vacations by Rail now and save up to $800 per couple. The link also has an itinerary. They are now booking starting October 16th. Continue reading “Canadian Snow Train – Toronto to Vancouver”

Beach, Mountains, or Best of Both Worlds?

Deciding to take a vacation to the beach or the mountains has probably been a dilemma for people since we’ve been able to choose between the two destinations. I lived most of my life in Southern California and admit that I mostly took the ocean for granted. Continue reading “Beach, Mountains, or Best of Both Worlds?”