Never Give Up Hope! Perseverance Is Vital!

HopeToday I wanted to share how I was felling over the weekend as I look at going back to work on Monday. I am thankful and blessed for my job, and I enjoy what I do (thank you to my co-workers for the appreciation). However, I do have some bigger dreams and they aren’t in a cube surrounded by other people in cubes. I want to explore the world and see what else is out there to see. I created this blog mostly for fun, but it has made my sense of wanderlust much worse, lol. I can only keep plugging away at my dreams, and hope that one day they will come true. Continue reading “Never Give Up Hope! Perseverance Is Vital!”

Blogging is like a Diary for Adults

DiaryUltimate Blog Challenge Day 21 — I have always loved to write and like most little girls, it was in a pink little diary with a lock that only I had a key for. Little did it matter that my mom probably knew where the key was and would have been able to read anytime she wanted. I don’t know if she did or not, but at the time I felt safe writing down all my secrets, thoughts, dreams, frustrations, excitements, etc.  Continue reading “Blogging is like a Diary for Adults”