Walker Art Gallery Museum – Liverpool, England

Walker Art MuseumI love art (as you can probably tell from various other blog posts) and had to visit the Walker Art Gallery when we were in Liverpool, England. I had never heard of it until we were talking to some locals in Manchester who told us we had to visit if we liked art. Thus, we took art of a day and explore the museum. PSA, make sure to talk to locals when traveling. They have the best advice!  Continue reading “Walker Art Gallery Museum – Liverpool, England”

My Childhood Dream of Being a Flight Attendant One Day

Flight Attendant When I was little I had made a list of all the things I wanted to do by the time I was a certain age and what I wanted to be when I grew up. On the top of my list was to visit places like France, England, Greece, Germany and Italy. I thought that being a flight attendant and seeing the world had to be the best job ever! They got to see everything I wanted to see and get paid to do it. Little did I know than that most flight attendants don’t ever see much more than the airport and the hotel where they get shuttled off to for a few hours’ sleep. Continue reading “My Childhood Dream of Being a Flight Attendant One Day”

Trafalgar Square in London – The Heart of the City

While on a trip to London we had to stop and check out Trafalgar Square. It was really amazing, even though it was cold and we got rained on quite a bit. Lol It is an interesting little square with a lot of history. The square contains a large central area with roadways on three sides and a terrace to the north, in front of the National Gallery. The roads around the square form part of the A4, a major road running west of the City of London. The square was formerly surrounded by a one-way traffic system, but apparently in 2003 some work was done which reduced the width of the roads and closed the northern side to traffic.  Continue reading “Trafalgar Square in London – The Heart of the City”