DrFumblefinger Likes the Colorado Rockies

Ultimate Blog Challenge Day 6 – This is really one of the blogs I really want to share on this post, Travel Gumbo. The owner’s name is drfumblefiner, and he has really been a constant resource of support and information. I actually do several posts on his site, and enjoy it very much. Here is a little about him in his own words. Continue reading “DrFumblefinger Likes the Colorado Rockies”

7 Things to do on Labor Day in Denver, CO 2015

DenverKids are going back to school so that must mean summer is over right? Well it use to be. Whatever happened to being off between Memorial Day and Labor day? Whatever the reason, most kids will be back in school before the long holiday weekend of Labor Day (usually the last big hurray before school started).  It made me start thinking about Labor Day and what activities people can do it they aren’t traveling due to school or work schedules. Here are 7 fun and exciting this to do if you are spending Labor Day in Denver. Continue reading “7 Things to do on Labor Day in Denver, CO 2015”

The Horror Living near Denver, Colorado

horrorIf you love horror movies, stores, and legends, Denver is the place to be according to an article posted by CBS Denver. They describe the horror living in Denver, and some of the most haunted places throughout the Denver area.  Continue if you dare, lol Continue reading “The Horror Living near Denver, Colorado”