An Emotional Pilgrimage Shared in the Movie – – “The Way.”

The WayLast night Gene and I finally had a chance to watch the movie The Way. I had heard it was very good, and we weren’t disappointed. Then again, I shouldn’t have been surprised. It was written and directed by Emilio Estevez, and starred his father Martin Sheen. Emilio also starred as Daniel, the recently deceased son of Martin Sheen’s character named Tom. Continue reading “An Emotional Pilgrimage Shared in the Movie – – “The Way.””

Why I like the Movie Under the Tuscan Sun

Tuscan Sun Today’s task on the Ultimate Blog Challenge was to share our favorite movie. Well that is really hard to do as they are so many amazing movies out there. Even if I were break it down to just movies related to travel it would be hard. I started thinking about some of the greats: Lost in Translation, The Beach, Thelma and Louise, Seven Years in Tibet, Lawrence of Arabia, Wild, and the Bucket List. There are so many good ones. However one of my favorites has to be Under the Tuscan Sun which was filmed in beautiful Tuscany, Italy. Yes, I know it’s a chick movie (which is why I probably like it), but it is intriguing and inspiring. Continue reading “Why I like the Movie Under the Tuscan Sun”