Top 4 Destinations on Our 20th Anniversary List

I am having a major case of wanderlust and can’t help day dreaming about our 20th wedding anniversary next year. We have some trip planned for almost every month this year, but I can’t stop thinking about spending two weeks in Europe somewhere next May. We are going to use miles, so I can’t actually start looking until June (they start booking 11 months out). This might be part of the issue, as I keep thinking of places on our bucket list, then I read a post, or blog about another amazing place, and now it’s in the mix, lol. But we have narrowed it down to the top 4 places that are on the top of our list. Continue reading “Top 4 Destinations on Our 20th Anniversary List”

Top Four Places Currently on our Bucket List

Bucket List Writing my post My Childhood Dream of Being a Flight Attendant reminded me of my bucket list I created when I was a young child. Happily I have been able to mark a few of these off my list. However, as I have gotten older and Gene and I have traveled more, it has only made my bucket list pages and pages. Seems like a never ending list, lol.  Every time we travel, we speak to someone else and learn of another place that we want to visit. Of course there are a few places which are on the top of our bucket list. I’d like to share 4 of them today, and why they are high on our list.  They are not in any particular order.  Continue reading “Top Four Places Currently on our Bucket List”