Hello Spring and the April Ultimate Blog Challenge

April Hope you are enjoying spring so far. I like Fall the best, but spring is a close second 🙂   Earlier this year I took part in the January Blog Challenge and had a good time. For those of you who are not familiar with the Ultimate Blog Challenge (UBC), it is a virtual event for bloggers held every quarter with a goal for bloggers to write a new blog post every day during the challenge month.  I posted 28 days out of 31 as I was still on vacation until the 3rd. However I made it the rest of the month, and felt very good. Thus I have decided to do the April Ultimate Blog Challenge. Thus I will be sharing a post every day for the next 30 days! It seems like a lot, but I know I can do it if I stay focused and set goals. Continue reading “Hello Spring and the April Ultimate Blog Challenge”

Welcome to 2017 and My Ultimate Blog Challenge!

Ultimate Blog ChallengeHello everyone and welcome to 2017! Hope you all had a fun and exciting New Year’s. I am starting out the year doing the Ultimate Blog Challenge, but more on that in a minute. As far as our end of 2016, we did something we had never done, and spent Christmas on the beautiful island of Oahu.  New Year’s Eve we spent on the beach in Waikiki, talking to a couple from New Zealand and watching fireworks on the water at midnight. It was phenomenal. An incredible way to ring in a new year! Continue reading “Welcome to 2017 and My Ultimate Blog Challenge!”

Orlando and the Magic Kingdom, Florida

Orlando is one of the biggest tourist destinations in the world, and one of the biggest attractions of course is Disney World. This is only one reason why thousands of people flock to Orlando yearly. The streets are lined aesthetically with palm, pine, and oak trees. There are also many lakes and parks that add to the beauty of the city. Continue reading “Orlando and the Magic Kingdom, Florida”