Bill Speidel’s Underground Tour of Seattle

On our latest trip to Seattle we did an unusual tour, Bill Speidel’s Underground Tour.  It was something I would thought of it someone hadn’t mentioned it to me a few years back. I was surprised at how much fun we had exploring Seattle’s underground.  Continue reading “Bill Speidel’s Underground Tour of Seattle”

Hyatt Resorts – Hyatt House – Seattle, WA

Hyatt House As a Hyatt reward member, we have stayed at a few resorts in their brand, but had never stayed at a Hyatt House until last weekend. We had a phenomenal stay at one of their newer resorts, the Hyatt House, Downtown Seattle.  We were in Seattle to celebrate a belated Valentine’s day celebration, and it was a perfect location as it was literally across the street from the iconic Space Needle.     Continue reading “Hyatt Resorts – Hyatt House – Seattle, WA”

Win a Seattle Souvenir For Your Loved One

SeattleIt is officially February, which.means it is the month of love. This year we are going to delay our Valentine’s Day celebration until the weekend after Valentine’s since it’s in the middle of the week. Plus we can have a 3-day weekend due to the Presidents Day holiday, Yay!  We decided to head back to Seattle and see a few of the things we didn’t get to do while we were there to see such attractions as the Space Needle, Safeco Field, Pike Place Market, and the State Capitol Building in Olympia.  Continue reading “Win a Seattle Souvenir For Your Loved One”

Explore the Intriguing Museum of Science and Industry – Chicago

We had a fantastic time in Chicago, and saw so many wonderful things, but one of the more unexpected places we visited was the Museum of Science and Industry.  While it was on our list of things we would like to see, it wasn’t on our lists of things we HAD to see, like the Willis (Sears) Tower, the Navy Pier, the Art Institute of Chicago, and Millennium Park. However, after hearing other guests talking about how much they enjoyed their visits, we decided we would check it out one day. We were both so glad we were able to spend a few hours exploring this intriguing museum.   Continue reading “Explore the Intriguing Museum of Science and Industry – Chicago”

The Space Needle in Seattle – “The 400 Day Wonder”

Space Needle 2Many moons ago I lived in Seattle for a couple of years. Regrettably, I never had a chance to do many attractions like Pike Place Market, Microsoft, Boeing, or the WA State Capitol in Olympia. Sadly, I was never able to take a ride to the top of the Space Needle, however I was finally able to on our list visit to Seattle. I was so glad I was finally able to do this, as it was truly amazing. Continue reading “The Space Needle in Seattle – “The 400 Day Wonder””

Washington State Capitol – Olympia, WA

Washinston State Capitol bldgOn our recent trip to Seattle to  watch my Angels play the Mariners at Safeco Field, we were able to check one more state capitol off our list, the Washington State Capitol in Olympia! I have seriously lost count, but it was really nice to mark this one off our list 🙂  Even though the capitol building isn’t in Seattle, it was only an hour and ½ away, so we made a day trip out of it. Continue reading “Washington State Capitol – Olympia, WA”

Let’s Go Shopping at Pike Place Market – Seattle, WA

Pike_Place_Marke - SignOne of the things Gene really wanted to see and do while we were in Seattle was visit the Pike Place Market and watch the guys throw some fish around. I really didn’t see the appeal on the fish throwing part, but I did want to see the market.  We spent a few areas one afternoon before heading next door to Safeco Field to watch my Angels play the Mariners. We had a great time walking about the market place. Continue reading “Let’s Go Shopping at Pike Place Market – Seattle, WA”

Safeco Field and The Seattle Mariners

Safeco -FrontWhile in Seattle to see the Microsoft Visitor Center, Boeing, Pike Place Market, the Space Needle, and a few other attractions, we also visited Safeco Field to watch my Anaheim Angels take on the Settle Mariners. We had a great time and the Seattle Mariners employees and fans were great hosts. As a side note, I was very happy to visit the stadium as it represented my 18th ballpark and it was the last one I hadn’t seen west of the Mississippi. Getting closer to my goal of visiting all 30 parks!  Anyway, below is a little information about Safeco Field and the Seattle Mariners. Continue reading “Safeco Field and The Seattle Mariners”

Top 7 Wheelchair Accessible Cities in the U.S.

wheelchair 3We just recently returned from a trip to CA and booked a hotel room on our last night in town to be closer to the airport (wonderful CA traffic and all, lol). Not sure how it happened, but somehow we ended up with a wheelchair accessible room. Didn’t realize it until we checked as it was a hotel with suites and I thought maybe we had just gotten a free update since we checked in after 11. I did like the fact that it had a removable shower head and handrails. I am short, so it was nice to be able to use the removable shower head instead of trying to fight with a standard shower head that I can never reach  🙁  I also liked that the bathroom was a little bigger than a standard room. Again, I thought it was just because it was a suite room. Continue reading “Top 7 Wheelchair Accessible Cities in the U.S.”

Turkey Trot 5k’s and Marathons in Seattle , WA

turkey trotWith Thanksgiving just around the corner, I decided to look around and see what other states did on Thanksgiving before all the turkey and trimmings. What I found, besides eating, was a lot of Turkey Trot 5ks. Having just completed the Susan G Komen Race for the Cure, this grabbed my attention. Continue reading “Turkey Trot 5k’s and Marathons in Seattle , WA”