Travel Vaccinations – Worth the Hassle and Expense?

I am looking forward to visiting Thailand and a few others places in Southeast Asia one day, and it made me think about what shots if any are suggested or required before visiting. After doing some research it looks like I am good to go, with a few suggestions.  There are a lot of questions about vaccinations, however this doesn’t only apply to travel. We have friends who had never vaccinated their child who was turning 5 and getting ready to go to school. I don’t know how it all worked out, as they moved out of state. However I don’t think people are able to get around the “medical reasons” or religious reasons anymore. I may be wrong, but it won’t work when trying to travel. Thus I wanted to share this post about getting or not getting vaccinated before traveling to certain countries. Continue reading “Travel Vaccinations – Worth the Hassle and Expense?”

Top Four Places Currently on our Bucket List

Bucket List Writing my post My Childhood Dream of Being a Flight Attendant reminded me of my bucket list I created when I was a young child. Happily I have been able to mark a few of these off my list. However, as I have gotten older and Gene and I have traveled more, it has only made my bucket list pages and pages. Seems like a never ending list, lol.  Every time we travel, we speak to someone else and learn of another place that we want to visit. Of course there are a few places which are on the top of our bucket list. I’d like to share 4 of them today, and why they are high on our list.  They are not in any particular order.  Continue reading “Top Four Places Currently on our Bucket List”